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All About Foam Roofing


A multi-layered, precision roofing product, foam roofing provides a long-lasting, watertight seal for home and business roofs. Applied in functional layering with an attractive finish, the completed result provides quality insulation, water and air sealing, and lightweight protection for the building. Once installed, it’s suitable for most climates, and a silicone layer provides UV protection. Routine maintenance is easy to perform, and severe damage can be addressed by experienced foam roofing professionals to maintain the sealant qualities.

Foam Roofing Material

Sprayed-on liquid expands into polyurethane foam to provide thorough, tightly sealed coverage of your building’s roof. Additional layers to complete the process include a silicone coating and an attractive granule finish. These materials provide a high insulation value, which is important for roofing in our area to save on cooling costs. Spray foam has been in use for decades and is coming into its own in recent years. The value of tight, weatherproof seals and significant insulation characteristics are attractive to today’s building managers. The low cost of labor for precision installation is also an important factor.

Installation Process

The foam roofing material is delivered in liquid form and sprayed onto your roof precisely. In a way, it’s an easier process than manually installing roll or shingle materials, but it requires expert technique. Ensuring conditions are right for installation, delivering the right thickness of the foam, and creating a proper slope for drainage are a few of the considerations. Upon application, which needs to be on a hot day, the foam liquid expands up to 30 times. It can become up to 1.5 inches thick and beautifully covers the roof with an airtight, water-resistant seal.

Foam’s Advantages for Your Roof

Polyurethane foam installed in combination with other materials provides a leading R-value for home and business insulation, which is increasingly important for building energy efficiency. The finished roof is easy to maintain with standard roofing products, allowing building personnel to keep up with any incidental damage. The process includes a silicone layer that provides UV protection and embedded granules that offer additional UV resistance, strength, durability, and wildlife resistance.

Why Choose Foam Roofing Over Other Materials?

Key advantages of foam roofing include:

  • Low cost, precision installation
  • Ease of maintenance and repair
  • High insulation R-value
  • Air tight, moisture resistant seal
  • UV protection

Other roofing materials require more labor to install, as well as careful, temperature-sensitive sealing of roll material and other finishing techniques. Layers of other materials provide excellent seals but not as much insulation for the building. The foam roofing process requires limited personnel, and may even address concerns about disruption and noise impact on ongoing activities in the building below.

Essential Maintenance

Long-lasting roofing will require maintenance over the years, so forward-looking building owners consider maintainability as a factor of the material being installed. Polyurethane foam in a roofing combination is easily maintained using readily available materials, and even significant damage can be addressed by qualified professionals. Maintenance of the quality moisture and airtight seal is an important part of any servicing of the roof, and is quite possible with routine care.

Planning Your Foam Roofing Installation

Each roof has unique requirements, and foam roofing is readily adapted to meet them. Timing of installation is important due to roof temperature needs during installation. Roof condition, slope angle, and other factors are part of the planning process. Our experienced installation team experts at Axis Roofing produce long-lasting roofs, great drainage, and excellent protection for the building, its valuable contents, and its occupants.

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