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Is It Time to Repair or Replace Your Home’s Roof?


Determining whether your roof needs to be patched or replaced can be difficult. You don’t want to prematurely replace it when it might still be useful for a few years. On the other hand, even though roofing replacements cost more, they save you from other issues for a few decades. Here’s what you need to know to determine if your roof needs to be repaired or replaced.

Signs You Should Opt for Roof Repair

Roof repair is an affordable and efficient way to take care of many common roofing issues. It’s important to note that roof repairs are short-term fixes. They may patch up a problem area or fix recent damage, but they won’t last forever. However, roof repairs may be the best option in the following situations.

Isolated Damage

Your roof can become damaged due to storms, nearby trees, and other inclement weather. Issues that are caused by one-time events can most likely be repaired because they’re not a sign that the roof has aged or is too worn out to protect the home. When most of the roof is in good condition, it makes more sense to repair the damaged section rather than replace the entire roof. Your expert roofer will determine how best to patch the damage and restore your roof back to good condition.

Quick Repair Possible

Roofing issues need to be caught and repaired quickly before it rains or storms. A small roof problem can quickly cause widespread damage if water gets inside the home. Water damage, rot, and mold are all substantial problems that can ruin a roof. Repairs can be done much faster than a full roof replacement. Small damages are easy to identify and correct before the next storm rolls around.

Early Ventilation Problems

An attic with poor ventilation allows heat and moisture to build up below the roof. This ultimately leads to roof rot and compromised shingles. In some situations, this issue is worsened if there is extra insulation present in the attic. If left unchecked for too long, poor ventilation will lead to a premature roof replacement. However, when caught in time, this issue can be corrected before it causes any significant damage. Watch your attic for wet spots, moldy insulation, and rusty fasteners and bolts.

Installation Issues

Many roofing issues caused by poor craftsmanship can be repaired if caught early. Problems with the quality of your installation are most likely to occur if you work with a roofing team that isn’t experienced or certified. These issues can include insufficient caulking around the flashing, loose shingles, and incorrect ridge vent installation. If your shingle sections were installed incorrectly or with the wrong tools, they can even fall off when snow begins to settle on them.

Significantly Cheaper Than Replacement

Your repair costs should never be more than 30% to 50% of the replacement cost. Repairs are the better option when your roof is still relatively new and only has one problem area. If your 20-year-old roof encounters issues and the repair is 30% of the replacement, it’s better to just go with the new installation. Older roofs will continue to encounter issues that cost you more and more over the years. It’s better to invest in a replacement than continue to sink money into a roof that’s slowly aging out of usefulness.

Plan to Move

Families that are planning to move soon probably won’t want to deal with the excessive costs of a roof replacement. Repairs and patch jobs can add several more years to the roof, making it the next occupant’s problem. However, installing a new roof allows you to add more to your home’s asking price. Some buyers will even work with you and lower the selling point in favor of having the roof replaced before they move in.

Signs You Should Opt for a Roof Replacement

While repairs are great for young roofs, replacements are often better for old, outdated shingles that can no longer protect your property. It may be time to give your home a new roof if it’s struggling with any of these issues.

Widespread Damage

Over the decades, your roof will experience wear and tear due to the frequently changing weather. All of the wind, sun, and precipitation will wear down your shingles, leaving crumbling edges and bare spots. This sort of damage isn’t usually contained in one area. It’s present throughout your entire roof, making repairs a waste of time and money. At this point, your roof needs a total replacement before it begins leaking or falling into your gutters.

You should also consider installation over repairs if a large section of your roof is damaged during a weather event. The roof may have significant structural damage that can only be addressed if all of the old shingles are removed and replaced. Repairing large sections can also often cost much more than just installing a new roof.

Roof Deck Issues

The roof deck includes the wooden boards that frame your roof and hold the shingles. This vital component needs to be durable and strong enough to hold substantial weight. Water leaks can quickly ruin the roof deck if not caught in time. Constant moisture will rot away the wood and spread to the other beams and components in your home. Experts often have to tear away the shingles to fully assess the damage. With half or most of your roof removed, replacement becomes the most cost-effective solution.

No Longer Aesthetically Appealing

Even if your roof is still keeping out the weather, it may be lacking in curb appeal. This is often another sign of age and overall wear and tear. Older roofs lose their color and can suffer from sagging issues and mildew spots. Recent repairs are more visible when the shingles are a slightly different color than the rest of the roof. Your roofing team may suggest adding a second layer to improve the look and efficiency of your roof. You also have the option to completely replace it with the shingles of your choice.

Major Installation Issues

You should always research your roofing team before signing up for any repairs or installations. A manufacturer’s warranty does not cover poorly done installation jobs. If your new roof is failing due to installation issues, it’s better to trust a new professional team with a replacement. Attempting to correct your current roof with repairs will cost you more per square foot than installing a new one. You’ll also be able to rely on an improved workmanship guarantee that ensures high-quality results.

Exceptional Roofing Team in Mesa

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